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Train Like An Athlete anywhere! Coach Sonya offers multiple digital and in person training options. If you're not sure which plan is best for you shoot Coach an email! 

About Coach Sonya

What's Up Athletes?!

I'm Coach Sonya! An athletic performance coach based out of beautiful ATX! My specializations are in running mechanics, and building absolute speed + acceleration for all running distances and sports.

​I began working as an assistant track coach over 10 years ago for a track club in my hometown of Plano, Tx. I went on to coach for collegiate and high school levels where I coached the sprints, hurdles and pole vault. I've taken athletes to competitions all over the country, including to the USATF and AAU Junior Olympics and multiple state qualifying track meets.

I love working with youth athletes on the track and I love coaching adults in athletic performance as well! Adults are athletes too! Proper running training will minimize injury, maximize speed and make you a more durable athlete.


I believe that there is an athlete in every one of us! Sometimes you just need the right coach to pull that athlete out. If you are looking to take your athletic ability, or your child's performance to the next level I can promise we'll get it done!

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If you can relate to any of the comments below then you're exactly where you need to be! 

I'm a runner looking to get stronger, prevent injuries and improve my form.

I am self motivated and ready to put in work, but I'm not sure what to do or where to start.

My child plays sports and I'm looking for a performance coach to take them to the next level.

I am active and play rec sports but I want  to add something to improve my performance. 

I'm versed in general exercise science but running isn't my forte. I just need a program to follow.

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Whether you're in Austin or Timbuktu you can train like an athlete with Coach Sonya!


Delta performance

Athletic Performance Training

This is a monthly membership program. Members receive 5 workouts per week, 24/7 access to Coach Sonya, and a community of athletes to train and socialize with!

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Self Guided Programs

Training on Your Own Time

Looking for some quality cross training? I've built these programs for beginner and avid runners a like. These plans will strengthen your core, improve form and make you a stronger athlete.

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Personal and Small Group

Need something more specific to you or your team? Then personal training is what you need! Get a specialized plan built for your needs as an athlete. Sessions can be done in person or virtual.

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